About Us

Our Story

     I am a loss mom.  I had struggled with infertility for many years after my miscarriage. Over time, I realized that pregnancy loss was very common, yet it was rarely talked about.  Most of the time, I suffered in silence and it ate away at me emotionally, physically, spiritually. I yearned to embrace my grief and honor my loss, my baby.  I also wanted to celebrate her life and the love I have had for her.  Inspired by a loss mom friend, I felt the need to name my baby, "Hope," which helped me cope a little better. Loved ones had given me gifts to honor her. I was deeply touched because they acknowledged her. After several years of infertility and fertility treatments (IUI, IVF) later, we were blessed with our rainbow baby.
     A subsequent loss, my grandmother had passed away a few years ago. We loved her and admired her strength and unconditional, genuine love. We miss her, dearly.  Honoring our losses, our loved ones who pass away, helps the grieving process. 

Our Products

     Many of our products are a tribute to these experiences; to EMBRACE the grief that unfolds due to such losses and to HONOR these losses but also their life. They are great pieces for anyone who may want to carry something special, in remembrance of their loved ones they have lost. Our angel wing jewelry are perfect reminders. Our rainbow pieces were chosen, inspired by my rainbow baby. Rainbows symbolize hope, promise, and peace. They're all great gifts to show someone you acknowledge their grief and loss.  Our sunflower jewelry are great reminders for peace, happiness, and optimism.  All our products are also just a nice "just because" gift for someone or yourself. 

     We will also be working on additional projects that are in line with Our Brand.

Our Brand

     Sinseruly is derived from "Sinseru" which means sincere, serious, wholehearted, and heartfelt.  These speak true to our brand.

Our Mission

     To encourage survivors of pregnancy loss or infant loss to wholeheartedly embrace their grief and love by offering something tangible to honor their babies and celebrate their life.  Also, for others who have experienced a loss, to embrace their grief and honor their loved one.


We are a small online business located on Guam.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about our story.  Stay safe.